Turn on the analytics machine

900+ dashboards
160+ analysts
$450k bounties paid

MetricsDAO worked with Olympus Pro, Harmony Protocol and Uniswap

Analytics, Exposure & User Acquisition

Partner with MetricsDAO to:
Gain Insights
Get access to top-tier analysts who will create data insights and tools for your project. Questions can be generated by the MetricsDAO community or supplied by you. We provide the insights that help you track, understand and operate your project better than ever.
Engage Your Community
Dashboards get shared and draw interest from users and analysts. Bounty contributors engage with your project.
Expand Your NetworkGrants from partnering projects allow further distribution of their native token in exchange for analytics content delivery. New users who earn your native token by creating analytics are more likely to HODL than if they received it via an airdrop, now that they've spent time digging into your data and seen your project's value and potential.

MetricsDAO dashboard

Let the data speak for itself:
Over 160 analysts have created 900+ dashboards in the first half of 2022.
--------------------“MetricsDAO has been a pleasure to work with. We were already impressed with the team and the quality of output, so a further collaboration was a no-brainer. The Harmony community now has access to extremely valuable insights to understand critical metrics.”- Giv Parvaneh, Senior Blockchain Engineer for Harmony

Who should apply?

Good partners have these characteristics:
• Data is highly available, ideally from multiple providers
• The MetricsDAO community is excited about the protocol/ecosystem.
• Added bonuses for synergy with existing partners
MetricsDAO is a community of curious, bright and fun people, who are always looking for the next challenge. If you are unsure whether to apply, join our Discord and talk to @raphbaph or @danner.eth. We’re happy to show you around!

How do you apply?

Simply fill out the Application Form below and we’ll contact you with the next steps.After the Grants Pod reviews your application, we will share a distilled version of your application on the forum for a sentiment check vote. This vote will not be binding, but it will give the Grants Pod insight into community sentiment.The whole process usually takes less than ten days. After the Grants Pod comes to a decision it will contact you via your preferred communications channel.

When should you apply?

We're currently between two seasons. Please reach out to us if you want to be the first to work with MetricsDAO in its next season, opening soon (TM)

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